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The CFCIA is an association composed of investigators from various private companies, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies whose occupational assignment is the investigation and prosecution of financial crimes.

The organization was formed in 1953 when a number of investigators recognized a need for a common meeting place where law enforcement and industry representatives could compare notes on suspects or problems plaguing both groups. They felt showcasing current financial crimes problems could further investigation and enhance the likelihood of criminal prosecution, thereby preventing additional losses to the business community. Their belief was well founded as witnessed by the growth of this vital organization throughout the years.

President’s Message

CFCIA President Erin Wall-Gonsolin

Erin Wall-Gonsolin
CFCIA President

Welcome to the California Financial Crimes Investigators Association (CFCIA) webpage. To our members, the 2016-2017 State Board and I thank you for being a part of this great organization and your continued support! For non-members, we’re excited you’re here and invite you to learn more about the CFCIA and the benefits we provide the wide range of professionals responsible for investigating and prosecuting financial crimes.

Since 1952, CFCIA has been connecting law enforcement and civilian employees in the financial crimes industry. In 2015, we proudly launched our Certified Fraud Investigator (CFI) Program to promote ethical and legal practices in the investigative and research fields and recognize members of the CFCIA who demonstrate advanced skills in detecting, preventing, investigating and prosecuting fraud and financial crimes. Learn more about CFI certification here.

At only $50 per year, your membership dues entitle you to participation in division meetings, key programs, events, trainings, and most importantly; a network of like-minded, skilled professionals throughout California. Fraudsters are constantly evolving and identifying news ways to commit crimes, CFCIA can help you stay on top of trends and access tools to help you do your job better. For instance, all CFCIA members receive a free membership to 3VR CrimeDex, a powerful online network of fraud, loss prevention and law enforcement professionals. CrimeDex provides a searchable database with thousands of profiles of known and suspected criminals, the ability to receive alerts relating to local, regional, and national crimes, and gives you access to contact information for thousands of other investigators.

Membership with the CFCIA is a great way to get involved and offers you the opportunity to establish useful working relationships with industry colleagues, professional development opportunities to help help you stand out within our field, and a way to give back through our charitable giving and scholarship programs. Again, the 2016-2017 State Board and I are so glad you’re here!

Kind Regards,

Erin Wall-Gonsolin
CFCIA President


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Certified Fraud Investigator

CFCIA is pleased to announce its new certification program for professional fraud investigators. For more information and to apply for this professional certification, go to our CFI page.

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3VR CrimeDex®

CFCIA members have access to 3VR CrimeDex as a source of information concerning suspicious or illegal financial activity.
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