President’s Message

The California Financial Crimes Investigators Association brings together investigators in retail and money service businesses, financial institutions, high tech consulting groups, and law enforcement agencies to address the ever-changing landscape of financial crime. Originally established in 1953 as the California Check Investigators Association, this organization was formed to create a space where members could collaborate through mutual encouragement, problem solving, information sharing, and training. Almost 70 years later, as the scope and complexity of financial crime has grown, the need for such collaboration as never been greater.

In light of this rich history and the current realities we face, the CFCIA fulfills its mission in three ways. First, members gather with others in their geographic vicinity to network and build relationships, share current crime trends, and to receive training. Second, CFCIA members are invited to an annual training conference hosted by the San Diego Division with speakers who are industry experts in the areas of fraud and BSA/AML topics. Third, the CFCIA sponsors the Certified Fraud Investigator program.

Other benefits include:

  • Access to the CFCIA membership directory
  • Member/Dependent Scholarship program
  • Recognition through the Civilian and Law Enforcement Investigator of the Year program

Take a moment and check out the various pages on this site. After doing so, I want to personally invite you to contact your division and join in the important work done through the California Financial Crimes Investigators Association. Please reach out to me! I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Click on my name in the right-hand column to send me and email.


Mark Kelley
CFCIA State Board President
CFCIA San Diego Division Vice President